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As a commissioner term ends, a humble thanks 0

Posted on December 03, 2012 by Shane Kinkennon

This Wednesday, I’m proud to hand over the reins of the NGFFL to a great new Board led by a great new commissioner, my friend Jared Garduno.

While the Board didn’t achieve everything I had hoped during the last two years, and my conscientious side has occasionally given me grief about that, the list of what we did achieve is pretty nice. We established basic financial processes and controls, rewrote outdated bylaws, firmed up conflict of interest policies, developed social media policies, and applied for 501c3 status. (We’re STILL awaiting an answer from the IRS, btw.)

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Is it you? Call for Leaders for the NGFFL Board 0

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Shane Kinkennon

Are you pondering greater service to the national gay flag-football community? Are you interested in helping drive the NGFFL vision of being the greatest place for LGBT people to experience all the wonderful things that come from participation in team sports? If it’s not YOUR time specifically, do you know someone in your local league or program who is the perfect, self-started, levelheaded doer? A natural for the NGFFL Board?

The NGFFL is seeking energetic, conscientious, fair-minded, leaders who love gay flag football, believe in the NGFFL’s mission and vision, have some real time to give, and are willing to give it. If you know just such a person, please recruit, recruit, recruit.

Here’s the schedule and process for the Election.  Join us.

Final official seedings, pods, and pool play schedule released! 0

Posted on September 03, 2012 by Lance Burage

Here are the official seedings, pods, and pool play schedule to answer your burning Gay Bowl XII questions!  Good luck teams!  Teams square off in just under 3 weeks in Denver!

We are very excited to welcome 29 teams to Denver!  We are saddened that Jacksonville had to withdraw from the tournament unexpectedly.  Any games against Jacksonville in the tournament will result in a forfeit.

Now accepting declarations of candidacy for next NGFFL commissioner 0

Posted on July 27, 2012 by Shane Kinkennon

The declaration form for aspiring candidates for NGFFL commissioner for the 2013 / 2014 term is now available. Check it out. It asks aspiring candidates to answer a number of questions to illustrate that they’d do as NGFFL leader. Candidates have until August 17 to fill out the form. The answers will be shared with member city “City Leaders” once the nominating period closes. The election process and schedule can be found here.

Board announces process for election of commissioner at Gay Bowl 0

Posted on July 23, 2012 by Shane Kinkennon

It’s commissioner-election time. The NGFFL commissioner, the organization’s top official, is to be elected every even-numbered year at Gay Bowl, according to the organization’s Bylaws. (Then later this fall, two more of the total seven elected Board seats will be voted on.) The Board has just distributed to City Leaders the process that the commissioner election will follow this year. Prospective candidates will be able to declare their candidacy beginning this Friday, July 27 (via a Survey Monkey form that will be published on Friday). Candidate declarations are due August 17.

Is it you? The NGFFL is seeking leaders who are committed to taking our great sport to more LGBT people in more places. Check it out.

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