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Philadelphia says ‘It gets better’ 2

Posted on November 06, 2010 by Cyd Zeigler

The Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League has joined the growing movement by producing a video for the ‘It Gets Better’ project. The video features various players from the league.

Gay Bowl X videos from Phoenix 0

Posted on November 06, 2010 by Cyd Zeigler

Derek Moore of Total Sports Mag was at the Gay Bowl talking to everyone he could get a camera in front of. He produced some great recaps of key playoff games, including the semifinals and championship game. Check them out here and after the jump

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Video: How to treat a referee 0

Posted on June 04, 2010 by Cyd Zeigler

Everyone has yelled at referees, gotten angry with them, at some point in their sports-playing lives. But few have a better reason than Armando Galarraga, who was robbed of a perfect game by umpire Jim Joyce this week. To watch Galarraga handle himself after the blown call is a lesson to all players about how we should all behave even after what we think is a horrendous referee call.

Boston league featured on Ellen site 0

Posted on December 18, 2009 by Cyd Zeigler

The Boston gay football league put together a fun video of league members dancing to Jai Ho in hopes of getting the attention of Ellen Degeneres. Mission accomplished. Ellen’s show posted it on her site today. Check out the video below.

It’s a great idea that got the league some priceless publicity. If you’ve got other out-of-the-box ideas for publicity, please share them here!

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