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Read the May 2011 issue of The 2-Minute Drill 0

Posted on April 28, 2011 by Shane Kinkennon

New local-league toolkit, draft 5-year vision, and potential rules-of-play changes top this month’s NGFFL month’s e-news. Check out The 2-Minute Drill here:

NGFFL cofounder, former commish argues against one key proposed rules change 1

Posted on April 23, 2011 by Shane Kinkennon

by Jim Buzinski (Los Angeles), NGFFL cofounder and former commissioner

Over the past 10 Gay Bowls there have been controversies over players, over rules, over the schedule, over the seeding, over membership, over fields and just about any issue dealing with the event. But there has never been a clock controversy, and that is thanks to the untimed plays at the end of each half.  That’s why I think the proposed rule change to get rid of untimed plays at the end of halves is unnecessary and potentially dangerous to the integrity of a game.

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Gay Bowl head ref Lance Burage previews forthcoming proposed rule changes 1

Posted on April 23, 2011 by Shane Kinkennon

by Lance Burage (Atlanta), Gay Bowl Head Refereee

This year, there are quite a few rule change proposals that were submitted by board members and member cities!  As the NGFFL board prepares to open up voting, I want to preview a few that would have the most impact on the game.

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NGFFL seeks comments on 5-yr vision for gay flag football 2

Posted on April 20, 2011 by Shane Kinkennon

In its 2011 Plan of Attack, the NGFFL board promised to craft a vision for gay flag football for the next five years. But we have no desire to decree such a thing – we hope to cast a vision that is owned by all of us.

So for months, we’ve put significant time and lots of heart into a draft we believe is great, with an eye on the results of the 2011 Gay Bowl player survey. Now we’re putting that draft forth for anyone who might like to have a say.

The draft is below. It has two parts:

Minutes for April 12 NGFFL board meeting 0

Posted on April 15, 2011 by Shane Kinkennon

In the spirit of transparency, the NGFFL board shares the minutes of its monthly telephonic board meetings. Here are the minutes from the April meeting.

Lots of time was devoted to discussion about proposed changes to the national league’s on-field rules of play — including potential changes to the final two minutes of each half, and the NGFFL-unique plays after the clock stops. The minutes are a bit incoherent on this topic, so expect a more thorough blog post soon.

Within the next few weeks, proposed changes to the rules will go to NGFFL member cities for yea or nay voting.

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