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Rules and Bylaws


The NGFFL Board dramatically revised its bylaws in 2011.  What had been a stop-gap sketch has been updated to account for the growth of the league and the complexity that comes with it.  Please consult the updated bylaws for any questions you might have.


The NGFFL has a specific set of rules that governs the annual Gay Superbowl. Most of these rules are identical to college football rules (e.g., one foot in).  However, there are many other rules (e.g., one run per possession) that make these rules unique.

Please review the Rules of Play for Gay Bowl XII (Denver 2012).  This brief summary of the rules should be very helpful, as is the rationale for the Second-Team Determination Point System.

3 to “Rules and Bylaws”

  1. James Mack says:

    “Section 16 Hurdling


    Hurdling is the runner jumping so that both feet leave the ground at the same time. The runner may not hurdle to be deflagged. The runner may step over an opponent who is lying prone.”

    Should this read “The runner may not hurdle to avoid being deflagged.”?

  2. Ed says:

    This rule should be clarified. The act of running involves both feet leaving the ground at the same time. This should be case-specific to prevent active and clear ‘jumping’ or ‘leaping’ versus both feet leaving the ground when either cutting or spinning.

  3. satx says:

    can anyone tell me about two rules

    1. if a game is tied, is it required to play over time in regular league play? and can the commissioner change the rules on the spot?

    2. are the referees suppose to be certified?

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