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At Gay Bowl X in 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona, the National Gay Flag Football League enshrined its inaugural class in the NGFFL Hall of Fame.  The purpose of the Hall is to honor those who have contributed so much to the game and community of gay flag football, both on and off the field.  These members have a demonstrated record of athletic achievement and community contribution, and this Hall carries their legacy forward.

The founders of the NGFLL, Jim Buzinski of Los Angeles and Cyd Zeigler of Los Angeles and New York, were the first two members.  The process for future inductees consists of various criteria and rounds of voting.  We thank our Hall of Fame members for their excellence on the field and service and example to our community!

Members of the National Gay Flag Football Hall of Fame

Jim Buzinski, Los Angeles (2010)

Cyd Zeigler, Los Angeles and New York (2010)

Demond Adams, Los Angeles (2011)

Ivan Solis, San Diego (2011)

Thurman Williams, Atlanta (2011)

Shane Kinkennon, Denver and Washington DC (2012)

Shawn Rea, Phoenix (2012)

Robert Sauer, Boston (2012)

Tony Stewart, Washington DC (2012)


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