The greatest place for LGBT people to experience all the wonderful things that come from participation in team sports.

Become a Local or National Partner

Partners welcomed. The NGFFL is excited to partner with organizations that seek to engage and connect with a consumer base that aligns with their brand and values, while inspiring and uplifting our athletes, fans and friends with the products and services for their daily lives. We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports and connects a network of LGBT flag football leagues across the United States and Canada.



Let Us Take Your Brand to Thousands of Loyal Consumers

4,000+ LGBT and allied recreational athletes with well over 550,000 annual impressions
Access to millennials and women - 73% of which are between the ages of 26 and 40
- Mid to high Socio-economic households
- Member cities run their own leagues, with opportunity to segment and target
- Highly socially and technologically engaged users
- Multiple seasons, regional and national tournaments and all year access

Why Target LGBT Consumers Through a Partnership?

- Best Impact:  Aligns to your strategic mission and visions. Supporting LGBT organizations and charities will demonstrate your commitment to your vision. It is also among the top ways to impact LGBT consumers (second only to a company’s employment policies).
- Best Avenue:  74% of LGBT adults are likely to consider brands that support nonprofits and/or causes that are important to them as an LGBT person.
- Brand Loyalty:  Seven out of ten (71%) of LGBT adults said they are likely to remain loyal to a brand they believe to be very friendly and supportive to the community “even when less-friendly companies may offer lower prices or be more convenient.”
- Build Bridges: Your partnership helps continue the message of inclusion and facilitates the fostering of a safe environment

Why Sponsor the NGFFL Specifically?

- Younger & Affluent:  Recent Gay Bowl participant data indicates that 71% of participants have an annual income of over $60,000 or more, and 89% are between the ages of 26 and 50
- Connect with Leaders:  Many of the players from cities across North America and Canada are the leaders in their local LGBT flag football leagues and are highly influential in their communities.
- Be Ahead of Your Peers:  Few things demonstrate your success in the marketplace than having a first-mover advantage. Being a business partner can easily foster longer-term relationships with local leagues and national tournaments

Will you be our partner?

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