NGFFL Hall of Fame


Founded in 2010, the NGFFL Hall of Fame celebrates and enshrines players, coaches, leaders across its membership for their outstanding contributions on the field, off the field and at the national level.  As the highest honor in the NGFFL, it fully recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions to the sport and LGBT community. 


1.  Celebrate and honor NGFFL members contributions to the mission of the organization
2.  Reward commitment of cities and people for their contribution to its members and communities


CRITERIA:  Any member of a NGFFL association (players, managers, coaches, referees or significant contributor), living or deceased, who has been an active member for a minimum of seven years is eligible. Nominees should have made significant to extraordinary contributions to their leagues and/or the NGFFL or demonstrated excellence above and beyond any existing standard of play. Notable exceptions are death and unforeseen relocation of a member that prohibited them from participating for seven consecutive years.  Nominees are eligible for consideration for three consecutive years. If a member fails to be selected, they remain eligible for resubmission; however, they must follow the nomination process as a new candidate.

ENTRY PROCESS:  Hall of Fame nominations are submitted by any person(s) or group who is familiar with the candidate’s contributions and willing to speak on their behalf. The only requirement is to follow the proper procedures and meet all timelines as published by the NGFFL board. Additionally, each nominee must have an advocate. An advocate is a primary point of contact who is willing to speak on behalf of the nominee through proactive communications or when called upon by the voting body. Hall of Fame nominations are submitted via the online application below (mandatory). Any person or group also has the option to create a video (voluntary) that speaks to the candidates achievements and submit via email to the VP of Operations.

VOTING BODY SELECTION:  The voting body consist of Hall of Fame members (past six years rolling) and one designated NGFFL board of director - total of seven members. He/she is only eligible if they have attended or been engaged in the Gay Bowl within the last two years from year of voting. Hall of Fame voters cannot have more than two representatives from one city.  

VOTING BODY EXCEPTION:  Founders Cyd Zeigler and Jim Buzinski are eligible to attend and participate in all calls, but will not have a vote unless granted as a substitution for a non-participating class.

VOTING PROCESS:  Each eligible voter receives one vote. If the NGFFL board of director is also a Hall of Fame member, he/she is only allowed one vote.  

VOTING DECISION:  A nominee will become a Hall of Fame member with 71% (five out of seven) approval or “yes” vote. Each private vote is collected via a verified survey collection tool.

Class of 2010  
Jim Buzinski Cyd Zeigler
Los Angeles Los Angeles - New York

Class of 2012      
Shane Kinkennon Shawn Rea Robert Sauer Tony Stewart
Wash. D.C. - Denver Phoenix Boston Washington D.C.

Class of 2014  
Alon Hacohen Ty Law
New York Chicago - Honolulu

Class of 2016      

Jared Garduno Doug Komlenic Rory Ray Eric Reissner Brandon Waggoner
Phoenix San Diego New York San Diego Washington D.C.

Class of 2018      
Joe Cooper
Chris Cormier-Maggiano
Dave Hamilton
Becky Lee
Joe Cooper C. Cormier-Maggiano Dave Hamilton Becky Lee
Denver Washington D.C. Boston Denver
Class of 2011    
Ivan Solis
Demond Adams Ivan Solis Thurman Williams
Los Angeles San Diego Atlanta

Class of 2013    
Mark Barr Wade Davis Molly Lenore
Salt Lake City New York New York

Class of 2015  
Lance Burage Chris Whitlow
Lance Burage Chris Whitlow
Atlanta Atlanta

Class of 2017    
Patrick McIntyre
Ryan O'Shaughnessy
William Ward
Patrick McIntyre Ryan O'Shaughnessy William Ward
Denver - Wash. D.C. San Diego Chicago - Michigan

Class of 2019    
Darrel Bayani
Tyler Foerster
Jodie Turner
Darrel Bayani Tyler Foerster Jodie Turner
San Francisco San Diego Denver




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