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NGFFL Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by NGFFL members to provide strategic guidance in the fulfillment of the NGFFL mission to promote the positive social and athletic enjoyment of American flag football. They represent the broad diversity of our membership and contribute significant amounts of time, talent, and energy to ensure the growing vitality of our organization. Through their collective experience and vision, the Board of Directors contributes to the continuing success of the NGFFL.


Thurman Williams

Thurman was originally elected to the NGFFL board in 2012 while a member of the National Flag Football League of Atlanta, Georgia. He was co-founder of the NFFLA and served as President until his relocation to Washington D.C. in 2011. Thurman was instrumental in the success of Gay Bowl IV held in Atlanta in 2004 and led the coordination and defensive game plan for Atlanta's two Gay Bowl teams. During his tenure as a NGFFL board member, he was elected to the NGFFL Hall of Fame and has remained committed to ensuring that the legacy of the league will be preserved and passed down to future generations of flag football players across the country. Thurman has provided significant value to the NGFFL, including the implementation of the A and B Division structure for the Gay Bowl tournament through his leadership of the Gay Bowl Task Force.  -
NGFFL   Sam Lehman

Lehman has a passion for both the gridiron and the diamond having served as NGFFL Treasurer since 2011, commissioner of the Southern New England Softball League and Marketing Chairman of the NAGAAA. Sam is the referee director for the New York Gay Football League and away from sports, owns a software development company headquartered in Stamford Connecticut.  He is a volunteer on the membership committee for the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC and is splitting time between New York City and Milford, Connecticut.  -


Joel Horton
Director of Operations & Special Projects

Joel joined the New York Gay Flag Football League (NYGFL) in 2007 and represented the league in Gay Bowl IX with the New York Fire. He moved to Phoenix in 2013 and has been a member of the Phoenix Gay Flag Football League (PGFFL) ever since. Joel has played in more recent Gay Bowls with the Phoenix HellRaisers and Arizona Arsenal. Locally, he has served on the PGFFL Board of Directors as Secretary in 2014 and Commissioner from 2015-17. Outside of flag football, Joel played in the Southern New England Friendship League (softball) in 2012 and now also plays in the Phoenix Fire Kickball League. Joel is thrilled to serve on the NGFFL board, helping to continue the league’s growth and outreach to strengthen our broader community.  -

O.T. Porter
Director of Communications

Originally from Newark, NJ, O.T. currently resides in Houston, Texas, which has been his home for nine of last 12 years. He first joined the NGFFL in 2010 as a player with the Houston Hurricanes, but has also coached the Motor City Hitmen in 2015, and served as a Gay Bowl referee in 2016. O.T. is both a Psychologist and a published author, which fuels his passion for communication in every regard, particularly as it pertains to expanding awareness of the NGFFL. O.T. remains active in the local league in Houston as a coach and a referee, beyond his engagement in volunteering and community service activities.  -
  Shigeo James Iwamiya
Gay Bowl Liaison

James originates from an American Air Force base in Tokyo, Japan. He currently resides in Newark, New Jersey and is active in the New York Gay Football League, currently serving as the Assistant Commissioner. james has also served as a New York Gay Bowl team captain and lead his team to the B-Division Championship at Gay Bowl XIII in Phoenix, Arizona. His professional life is driven by higher education where he holds a Masters Degree in Education and serves as the Director of Residence Life at Rutgers University. James is excited to serve on the board of the NGFFL and to promote a strong flag football community.  -
Timothy Winter

Timothy Winter
Director of Outreach and Membership

Tim was elected to serve on the NGFFL Board of Directors in 2018. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he has been a member of the Toronto Gay Football League (TGFL) since 2014 and has held roles on its executive as assistant commissioner and commissioner. Growing up in Windsor, Ontario, Tim has played football since childhood and continues to actively participate in the sport for the love of the game and for the community it builds. Tim is known in the NGFFL for captaining one of the Toronto Mounties teams for Gay Bowl over the last several years. He is excited to serve, contribute and share his experience to continue advancing the athletic, social and inclusive opportunities the NGFFL fosters for the LGBT football community.  -

  Rory Ray
Director of Corporate Partnership

Rory has been a playing member of the NGFFL since 2006, originating with the Los Angeles Motion and more recently with the New York Warriors. He has served on the NYGFL Board of Directors for 17 seasons, including 4 as its commissioner, from 2013-2015. He was a co-captain of the LA Motion Gay Bowl team in 2007, and captain of the New York X-Treme Gay Bowl team from 2010-2012. Outside of football, Rory has also played in the National Gay Basketball Association since 2000, as a member of the San Francisco Rockdogs, where he continues to play to this day. He is excited to bring his wide range of experiences to help serve the NGFFL board.  -
Lance Burage  

Lance Burage
Director of Officials

Originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and now residing in Boston, Massachusetts, Lance is the Director of Officials for the NGFFL. He is a veteran of the radio industry for the last 24 years, and is currently the Program Director for 101.7 The Bull, WBWL in Boston.  Lance has ten years of experience officiating high school football. After a move to Atlanta in 2007 and discovering the NFFLA (an LGBTQ flag football league) in Atlanta, Lance jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. Lance feels it takes a special kind of person to have a passion for officiating, and he wanted to help the Atlanta league thrive and grow. He loves football, and is very happy that he is able to share that passion with all of his LGBTQ friends on the field. Lance has been the Director of Officials for the NGFFL since 2008 and currently officiates in the Boston FLAG Flag Football League.  -

  Leslie Goldstein
Women’s Division Liaison

Leslie hails from New York City and has been a member of the New York Gay Football League since 2011. She has played in over 12 seasons, was a captain for two seasons, the women's division director for four years (eight seasons) and has also begun refereeing in the league. Leslie has participated in the women's division of Gay Bowl since its inception and has participated in multiple Sunshine Cups. The NYGFL is where Leslie met her wife and she knows both the on-field and off-field benefits the league offers. Outside of football, Leslie works in Cloud Economics at AWS and volunteers with Athlete Ally.  -